Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blessed or Damned? That is the question...

This week we reviewed actor submissions and have come up with our list for the first round of casting -- Ta Da!

I'm tired. It's taken longer than I thought it would to get here, and the road has been bumpy at best.

The production of this short, lovely, marvelous film was early on blessed by the gods. An enthusiastic team, a core group jumping in with enthusiasm, great script feedback, and the joy of joys... a location that's already beautiful, needs very little set dressing, and is allowing us to use their space gratis, including all the designer gowns fit specifically for each actress!

As time has gone on, reality has chipped away at my little island of paradise. We have had nearly every imaginable challenge thrown in our path. It really truly started with the loss of JC's job... JC, our driver and "behind the scenes" shooter. From there, we had the resignation, no, the *divorce* of our beloved co-writer and editor Mick, the success of our storyboard artist (who graciously bowed out due to her pending gallery exhibits), the blunt *pass* of our composer, and finally, most recently, the crash derby destruction of my car, which is currently in the body shop getting $5k+ worth of work. This was further compounded with the tragically sad news of the passing of Emmanuelle's uncle -- Emmanuelle, my always positive friend, my casting & visionary guru. In the midst of this, the IRS is auditing me for 2007 & 2008. At the same time, the store owner is truly an artist at heart, and we just can't seem to sit down and sign the contract.

While these small and seemingly not insurmountable challenges may seem individually piffling, together they combine to create a huge swell -- and it's me that's tumbling in the green room. But I am moving forward positively, my great eye fixed on the prize.

We made our casting choices and we will have our auditions despite the tribulations. I will secure the stage for Round 2.

Much thanks goes to Emmanuelle who, in the midst of her tremendous grieving and her own uncertain future, had the courage and strength to run through the casting, encourage me and pass her positive thoughts toward the production of this film. She asks the big questions, plus she drank martinis with me.

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