Saturday, October 17, 2009

Moving into Plank Mode

Since the pre-production process began in full force, it's been a lot of great work.... evenings, weekends, nights, early mornings. During this, I've tried to stay on the wagon -- running, biking, swimming to keep the juice flowing. On August 30 I ran the Santa Rosa Marathon, doing the half course (13.1 miles) with my running team. But within the next month, my body rebelled.
Screaming "too much," my back went into full spasms and paralyzed me for days. After a month-plus of inertia, I've slowly climbed back onto the wagon, and am now fully immersed in a low-impact, strength-building regimen.... yoga, weights, elliptical. I am perfecting the plank and embracing my inner hippie. Talk about commitment. The other half is business-gal agent 99.

But the work has continued, with me in recline mode on the bed, laptop in hand. We've cast all the major parts and are now planning THE big event: a fine tequila-tasting fundraiser where people can meet the cast and crew, and sing karaoke. The party to end all parties!

DATE: Saturday, January 9
TIME: 4pm to midnight
COST: $20 per person
LOCATION: 1300 Ordway Street, Berkeley

In the meantime, I'm creating a prospectus for two funders and hope to bring in $20K+ in the next six weeks. Cross your fingers. Light a candle.

And if you haven't yet pitched in, please click on the Paypal donate button and donate! If 100 people give just $50, then we are that much closer to our goal.

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