Saturday, May 1, 2010

Visions of Chocolate

It's been raining during the last couple of months, so when the sun finally came out I stopped by the bridal shop to say hello to the ladies. They were bushed, in the middle of prom season, and had spent the morning putting clothes away only to prepare for the 3 pm onslaught of high schoolers once school was out for another day so the girls could tear it all down again.

We still need to shoot the opening sequence. Our original vision was to capture the leads strolling down the walkway, heels tapping along, then tilt up to their faces, expressions full of expectation, then cut to the entry shot. But our day of rain took that shot out. So after some thinking... what will fit, what will flow into the first scene, I went back to my reservoir of films and remembered the opening sequence for the original 1971 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. There were no characters or scenes from the film, just chocolate, scenes of luscious flowing chocolate, details and images. Perfect lead in. I'll take that.

I told the ladies that I needed about 3 hours to come in and shoot details for the opening sequence and we agreed to come back later in May. Then I headed over to the burrito place to pick up some lunch. On the way, my magical DP Mike called, at the perfect moment of course. We talked schedule, needs, ideas, and agreed to rent a lens to get some of the details and close-ups we needed.

According to IMDB, the opening credits sequence was filmed at a real chocolate factory in Switzerland. So we'll be filming at a real bridal shop in Santa Rosa. Nice.

I'm going to head over to the shop in mid-May when they've finalized the new shop layout to take some stills to plan out the shoot. Fun stuff. And the song for the intro is key. Check it out:  "On the Beach" by Honey Is Cool.

Somewhere Gene Wilder is smiling at us.

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