Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pre-Production Pow-Wow

We met on Saturday for a 3+ hour meeting to talk scenes, shooting plan and wardrobe, but had a big setback. Mick, our beloved co-writer and editor, has decided that he just didn’t have the enthusiasm or energy to stay with us. It’s sad, but not really unexpected… so we’re now going to have to find a creative, generous and hearty editor willing to do a rough cut for us. His contributions to the script cannot be underestimated and he will, as always, be welcome back to the team any time.

We went through the script scene by scene, breaking them down by where we can cut and what elements will be included. Visions of shots, pacing, deleting some things, adding other elements, aiming to develop a pace and a flow, and ultimately aiming for an authentic and engaging story -- that's what we're tackling right now.

We'll be meeting every 10 days or so from now on, with a full crew meeting in early September. Casting will taking place in July & August.

For information on cast and crew needs, audition dates and production timeline, some details are below.

CAST Table Read - Sept 26-27
CAST Rehearsal - Oct 3-4
Set-up & Blocking - Oct 11
Shoot - Oct 12-15
* Possibly one extra pick-up day for two characters

We'll also post more on the blog and on our Facebook page once we get our casting notices out.

We haven't had much support yet, so we encourage you to help us make this happen. PLEASE donate to our film! Without your support, we'll have bad lighting, bad sound, and it will look much more amateur than we intend. We want to submit it to Sundance and to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, and can't do that without your help. THANK YOU!!

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