Thursday, June 4, 2009

Site Plans... planning the shots

So today I stopped by and went through the contract with the bridal shop owner. She was happy with it and wanted to make a few online edits -- but made only one real request: If we get into a film festival or get nominated for any awards, she wants two tickets. Funny that. Then she started sharing stories about Hollywood parties and Tom Cruise, who she met once, and who she said only came up to her chest with his "hooked nose." She was, in no uncertain terms, extremely disappointed. Then I popped into the shop and chatted with Jill and Erin, who agreed to order dress sizes that we needed, and maybe even have a designer make a blue dress for the final scene.

Next I headed to the Management Office, got the shop plans, and got a green light to move forward with everything. Melissa, the friendly management gal, only handed me one sheet of paper about insurance requirements. And then she offered to let us use an open shop (if one was un-leased) for the crew to gather and for us to leave our equipment. How amazing is that??

I feel so blessed that we have such a great, supportive team! We are so incredibly lucky to have stumbled into this. I'm still crossing my fingers, though. We have a long way to go. Casting is the biggest hurdle, and doing a real shot plan, now that we have the site plan. This is the part where I really get to spread my wings -- that's where I get to plot out my vision of the film.

Until next time.
~ Maria

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