Thursday, June 11, 2009

CASTING... the big puzzle piece

We've officially finished the details for the casting notice. I'll be spending the next 10 days getting it out and filing forms for SAG. After that I'll have to spend the following two weeks looking at pictures and video clips.

Casting can be a tricky dog. Sometimes you have a great actor, but they just don't fit the part. Or you have the perfect look, but he doesn't have the gravitas you need. I have casting heartburn sometimes when I watch movies (which I do A LOT). What the heck was Samuel L. Jackson doing in the Star Wars films anyway? Hello? He couldn't event say the dialogue right...

Some interesting movies have been ruined by poor casting, like Eyes Wide Shut. Or even mediocre movies made pathetically weak, like The Da Vinci Code. I loved Tom Hanks in Philadelphia, in Forrest Gump, and especially in Splash. But isn't it weird when actors "mature" how they take themselves so seriously and forget to explore? Think Harrison Ford. If he plays one more presidential-like hero I think I'll hurl. And I would have loved to have seen Sam Elliott in that last Harry Potter flick. Don't say you can't picture it!

Okay, enough about casting. You get my drift, so let's get crackin'. Check out our Facebook link or the details below.

Helen- Age 30, female (Bride from the title)
Tall, reedy, classic-looking, a little nervous (5’6” – 5’9”)

Joan- Age 55+, female (Mother of the Bride)
Upper middle-class, reserved,
opinionated but kind demeanor, must resemble Helen

Katie- Age 30, female (Maid of Honor)
Dark hair, street-wise, voluptuous, likes to drink a bit, PR gal

Mary Jones- Age 19, female (Bride #2)
Pale skin, black hair, goth-looking pregnant teen

Gil Jones- Age 45-50, male
Widowed father, slightly gray, post-hippie dad, resigned to fate but warm & protective of Mary

Bridal Assistant- Age 35, female
Discreet, thoughtful. Insightful re. customer needs

ConcepciĆ³n Salinas- 55+, female (Carmen's mother)
Modern Hispanic mother, tolerant, sports-loving, wise and patient

Carmen Salinas- 21, female (Bride #3)
Hispanic or mixed ethnicity, fairly pretty, wants traditional wedding

Lucinda- 20, female (Carmen's cousin)
Hispanic or mixed ethnicity

Carlos Salinas (Carmen's father) - 55+, male
Hispanic or mixed ethnicity, traditional, boisterous

Hostess-28-38, female
Friendly friendly


CAST Table Read - Sept 26-27
CAST Rehearsal - Oct 3-4
Set-up & Blocking - Oct 11
Shoot - Oct 12-15 (Santa Rosa, CA)
* Possibly one extra pick-up day for two characters


Send resume, headshot & DVD/links to: 1759 Stone Creek Drive, Petaluma, CA 94954
Or email to: museworks [at] hotmail [dot] com


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