Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Making a Work of Art: DP Mike Epple

There are directors who have their favorite actors -- think Martin Scorcese/Robert DeNiro -- think Tim Burton/Johnny Depp. And there are directors who only work with great Directors of Photography -- think Emmanuel Lubezki/Terrence Malick -- think Roger Deakins/Coen Brothers. And for this short film, we're working with DP Mike Epple.

Mike is not only a creative force who understands his gear and his light, he's also a great listener and someone who can see the big picture while making smart decisions. Most importantly, he's easy to work with. Never pushy nor opinionated, he's not a "know it all" who questions his director, but a true artiste who absorbs all the details, challenges himself and works relentlessly to find the best solution. My favorite memory of Mike is watching him move the ladder around, climb up it, look for the right shot, and move it around again... while of course working with John O. for lighting so he could figure out what worked and what didn't. Or, when we had a narrow hall and had to shoot through the keyhole: we put Mike in a wheelchair and pushed him through the doorway while he bent his 6-foot frame into a ball so he could get low enough to keep the shot at one take. Smooth.

Right now, Mike's in Las Vegas shooting a documentary, a mere 8 days before his wedding. We're lucky to have him on our team. To see his reel and website, click here.

Director of Photography
Camera Operator

Michael Epple is a freelance Director of Photography and Camera Operator who is equally proficient in both film and digital motion picture formats. Based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, Michael has clients all over the United States. Whether it’s a feature in Texas, music video in Oakland, or industrial in Los Angeles, he has what it takes to create a high production value. Helping to realize the director’s or agency’s vision, and crafting a visual aesthetic through cinematography that both reinforces the story or campaign, is at the heart of his philosophy and work ethic.

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