Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mini-Production on the way: The Casting Process

As part of our use of the facilities of the Community Media Center, we are obligated to produce a short piece from our sessions there. So while we have been casting, negotiating contracts, meeting with crew, talking with the cast, etc., we've also been editing a 27-minute piece together showcasing the actors that have auditioned and including interviews with our Associate Producer AD Wyatt Norton, Casting Director Emmanuelle Antolin, and the director, yours truly. We also got a great local actor Jeffrey Weissman, who stepped up to take part in the interview and share some of his hard-earned knowledge about the casting process from an actor's point of view.

My part-time shooter JC has taken all the casting footage and cobbled together something unique and interesting. Over the holiday, he showed some of the Campbell Clan the rough 18-minute cut and got some great feedback. We're making some edits to smooth out the rough edits, but I wish I had more time and some good lighting and maybe one other helper to really set this up. I'm not happy with the bad lighting, the out of focus moments, and the profile shots -- plus, I could have done something with that hair. Ah well... my hope is that the viewers -- and the funders -- will enjoy it.

Tonight I came home and reviewed 60 minutes of footage, took notes on which quotes/clips to use, and sent out another proposal for funding.... and that's after putting in a 9-hour day at the office. I'm tired, and still achingly optimistic that our film will get the funding it needs and look fabulous.

The 27-minute short, "The Casting Process," will be ready by mid-December.

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