Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rounding UP the Cast

After Mick and I completed the script we asked a few people to read it. One very astute friend/reader (I forget who) said, "Wow, you're going to need some good actors to carry this off."

In that sense, the film has been blessed so far. But on Saturday, we will take on the final missing pieces to the casting puzzle -- the father CARLOS, the bride CARMEN, and of course the replacement for our beloved Mawiyah (who can't ever be completely replaced), the shop HOSTESS (affectionately named STELLA).

Scheduling is as follows:

3:15 - Angela Nicole Davenport (Hostess)

3:30 - Roque Gutierrez (Carlos)

3:45 - Teresa Navarro (Carmen)

4:00 - Andrea Covington (Hostess)

4:15 - Josie Alvarez (Hostess/Carmen)

4:30 - LaToya Johns (Hostess)

4:45 - Shannon Turner (Hostess)

5:00 - Reuben David Garza (Carlos)

And hopefully after that I'll be in such a splendid mood I can pop over to The Warfield to see The Black Crowes. Everything goes better with a little rock'n roll, that's my motto.

Break a leg to all.

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