Monday, January 4, 2010

MEET JENNIFER LINKOUS, playing the Best Friend Katie

One of the things we learned during the casting process is that there are a lot of talented actors out there. We had a handful of actresses audition for Katie, including the talented Larissa Kasian, who gave us a powerhouse performance of the damaged Katie. Larissa was the only actress who nailed the reminiscing scene. But one of the other things we learned when casting is that you're looking for something specific, a flavor that someone brings to it -- maybe a different interpretation or a light that you didn't see before... some little flicker.

When Jennifer came in to read, she was auditioning for the part of Helen, the lead bride role. She also submitted her resume for the part of the Bridal Assistant. So she read Helen's part. As she started reading, I almost cut her off in the middle; I saw something but couldn't put my finger on it. At the end of her read I gave her the Katie script segment and asked if she would mind reading for a different part. I gave her a few minutes and she read with a nuance and a flair that had us all leaning forward in our seats. She got our attention. Jennifer has this energy, this zing for life, that Katie really needed. Sure, Katie is a drinker, had a damaged childhood, and was, by 30, already heading for marriage number 3, but this character is sharp as a tack and, most importantly, she's fun. Jennifer brought this inner light to Katie and showed a zesty side -- loose, relaxed, sharp, and quick. And after we had her walk around and do the improv scene she won us all over. She was funny and made her walk in the park look snappy AND joyous. No easy task. We're all glad she magically appeared to take on this role, and know she'll make it her own.

Jennifer Linkous got stung with the acting bug after becoming restless with her career in Broadcasting in New York City. She wanted to connect with people creatively and honestly, thus landing her at The Neighborhood Playhouse where she began her Meisner training and continues studying Advanced Meisner at the Bay Area Acting Studio.

Since moving west she has been thriving in the San Francisco and Los Angeles theatre communities. Having acted in such productions as Lovers and Other Strangers, Rookie’s Blue Ring, Hay Fever and On The Razzle, her film credits include “Once Beautiful Past”, “Child Of The Apocalypse” and most recently acting opposite Shah Rukh Khan in the upcoming Bollywood film “My Name Is Khan.” Jennifer is very excited to be a part of “The Once And Future Bride”

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