Monday, January 11, 2010

Production: Day 1 Down

It was long and cold, but also fun and engaging. Doing an all-night shoot is dreadfully painful on the feet, at least that's the first thing I have to say.

The crew is top-notch, and I'm ever so grateful for my core team -- Sam Murphy, Michael Epple, and AD Wyatt Norton. And my sound and light crew is simply superb. The PA's are hard workers, and my continuity supervisor is my other brain. Lisa works hard and she's very detail-oriented.

We shot 5 scenes out of 17. The actors did a great job. So happy for good casting and a happy team. Food always helps. Catering is worth it. Saying "Action" is more fun than saying "cut"... I hate saying "cut" and hardly ever do. Drives the crew crazy. They all started yelling "cut" for me. I have no idea why. Do director's always feel left out of "tech talk?" Maybe it's part of their secret language. I'm always looking at the transitions and bigger story, and sometimes I can't think that fast when I'm trying to visualize it all. Sometimes I just need a moment of meditation time. The crew didn't like it when I tried to think. Maybe it made me look indecisive but I was running through the movie, you know, in my brain like a little projector.

What I learned first: what you envision as the writer happens in a 3D real world, but what you shoot doesn't. I wanted one specific shot that I had to fight for... and in the end it wasn't what I really wanted, but needed. Totally different worlds.

Hopefully Day 2 won't be as fuzzy. I have a better idea how to run it now, and prepared a shot list. Wish I really had the time to work with the DP on a real shot list and understand what we can and can't do ahead of time. The better scenario is to never have a "can't do." I like that idea.

Going to bed now.

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