Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Meet CHRISTABEL SAVALAS... playing Concepcion Salinas

I believe that life is full of angels. Angels appear at magical moments in our life, to inspire us, save us and encourage us. Then they disappear. They're someone we don't know, or maybe perhaps someone that isn't really even there. When my friend Harvey was dying, his wife told me about a nurse who she ran into during a visit to the restroom. She didn't remember their conversation, but it comforted her and made her feel validated and freed some of her burden. The strange thing was that she had never seen this nurse before and never saw her again.
Three actresses auditioned for the part of Concepcion. They were satisfactory, but none of them really understood... the part is small but she's critical. SHE is the angel. Our Casting Assistant (Concepcion Calderon-Jensen, affectionately known as Connie) had been scheduling the actresses and told me that Christabel was the one. She hadn't seen her, only spoken with her, but she knew.

So Christabel walked in on the last day of auditions and delivered the lines so wisely, so poignantly, that we were all mesmerized. Here was our angel.

Christabel Savalas has been acting since childhood. Born in New York City and educated in Europe, she speaks five foreign languages. She studied acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Pasadena and the Jean Shelton School of Acting. Ms. Savalas’ stage credits include “ The Critic”, “The Conduct of Life”, “ Hey Momma”, “ Well of Loneliness”, “Alice in Wonderland” and “The Suicide”.

Films produced in San Francisco, she acted in “Chivalrous Deeds of a Nincompoop” and “Deadlock”. TV and film appearances include, “Midnight Caller”, “Nash Bridges”, “Class Action”, “Ancient Mail”, “ Pacific Heights”, “I killed a Meter maid”, “Twisted” and more.

As stand-up comedienne she performed at the Boarding House, Old Waldorf, and Chez Jacques. She has also acted, directed, written and produced in two short films, “The Roommates” and “Endless Creativity” which were awarded in Houston, Berkeley, Honolulu and Palm Springs. She has been a resident of San Francisco for over thirty years and is active in the local entertainment scene.

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