Tuesday, November 10, 2009

MONDAY 11/16 is the day...

We have found two beautiful locations, both of which will work for us. Starlet Bridal is our local favorite. The spot is easy to find and it has a beautiful setting. Allison has done an amazing job with the shop. However, with complications on dates and contract and bridal dresses, we also have Bella Bridesmaid on the radar. Bridget Brown (the Bella Bridesmaid entrepreneur and Queen!) has been in on the discussions since the film was in its early stages. Plus, they have this amazing back deck that will work fabulously into our script.

Due to deadlines with the Screen Actors Guild we have to have a signed commitment next week, so it's do or die for our location. Much thanks go to both shops for their support of this film. We'll keep you posted. Dates are still early January, which seems to work best for Bridget as well.

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